Mubowl – Sustainability in stadiums and arenas

In the world of football, sustainability has become an important topic. At the latest since the single-use plastic ban officially came into force in the EU in 2021, thoughts have been circling around the further development towards more sustainable consumption in stadiums and arenas. Right now is the ideal moment for a club to set an example, offer its members a sustainable catering solution and be a pioneer in the football industry.

Mubowl is your solution, especially to avoid any single-use plastic and for a more comfortable consumption at events. The reusable bowl is equipped with various vessel and cutlery holders, making it particularly multifunctional. 

Imagine standing in the stadium, watching your favourite team score the decisive goal, cheering and being able to hold your fries and beer in one hand at the same time.

Partner with Mubowl and strive to become a more sustainable football club.

Mubowl is a partner of the Sustainability Focus Month.


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