SPORT MARKETING SCAN Unlock your true potential!
The Sport Marketing Scan reveals the current state of your marketing and shows you the pathway for growth.
  • The scan covers 6 key topics of marketing growth in sports: strategy, culture, brand, product & services, data and growth
  • Best completed by managers with a comprehensive overview of the marketing and organizational development within the organization
  • Approximately 40 questions and 20 minutes to complete
  • The report offers a comprehensive perspective on your marketing status quo using an own classification (traditional - explorer - expert - leader) and recommendation
The Sport Marketing Scan helps you to discover development and growth opportunities in your organization.
The scan has been already completed by:
AC Sparta Praha
MTK Budapest
OFI Crete FC
...and many others.
The sport organization completes the survey
2Score analyses the scans on a weekly basis
FBIN contacts every organization directly and sends a report