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DFL stops talks on Investor Involvement in DFL Subsidiary

In the course of an extraordinary meeting, the general assembly of the German Football League DFL decided not to continue the talks with potential minority investors for the time being.

Prior to this, the DFL had been contacted by various private equity companies specifically in the past one and a half years who had expressed interest in a strategic commitment.

In order to carefully evaluate the opportunities and risks of an investment in the interests of the 36 professional clubs, the DFL has examined concrete offers from private equity firms and presented them to the general assembly today. The clubs of the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga decided not to continue the talks for the time being. The main topic was a minority stake in a potential unit for the marketing of international media rights, among other things. The renowned investment bank Nomura was commissioned to organise and accompany the bidding process. The parties agreed not to disclose the details of the offers.

Irrespective of this decision, it was agreed that it is essential for the clubs and the DFL to work together on concepts to promote international marketing in particular.

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