Empoli FC Becomes the First Italian Football Club to Fully Embrace Web3 Fan Engagement with Blocksport

Empoli FC has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first club in Italian football to fully embrace a Web3 fan engagement ecosystem. Partnering with Blocksport, this innovative initiative is transforming the way fans interact with the club, offering unique and immersive experiences through a dedicated fan app and exclusive fan tokens.

Embarking on the Web3 Journey

Empoli FC’s foray into Web3 began with the launch of a bespoke fan app, providing a unique space for fans to connect with the club and each other. The app features a gamification system, including fan missions, points, and leaderboards, designed to enhance fan engagement and strengthen their relationship with the club.

Impressive Results and Metrics

Since the app’s debut, Empoli FC has witnessed significant improvements in fan engagement and visibility. Key performance metrics include:

Launching the Fan Token

A major milestone in Empoli FC’s Web3 journey was the introduction of a unique fan token on the Blocksport Web3 marketplace. The initial sale of these tokens provided fans with exclusive benefits based on the amount of EMP tokens purchased, helping to identify and reward the club’s most loyal supporters.

Real Fan Engagement Experiences

Empoli FC’s strategy includes offering “money can’t buy” experiences. For example, fans holding the Golden level token received signed jerseys from players, creating unforgettable memories and a stronger bond with the club.

Special Projects and Community Initiatives

Empoli FC and Blocksport have also engaged in special projects to support important causes. In 2022, the club played a friendly match against the Ukrainian national team, during which they launched a unique NFT collection. This collection sold out in one day and was promoted by UNITED24, a prominent Ukrainian foundation supported by the President of Ukraine.

Future Roadmap and Goals

Looking ahead, Empoli FC and Blocksport have ambitious plans to expand their Web3 fan engagement ecosystem. Upcoming initiatives include:

  • NFT Game Launch: Introducing new interactive experiences for fans.
  • New App Features: Continuously enhancing the app to provide more value.
  • Additional Fan Tokens: Expanding the token offerings to engage a broader fan base.

Transformation Before and After Embracing Web3

The shift to Web3 has significantly transformed fan interactions with Empoli FC. Previously, fans could only engage with the club through social media and the website. Now, a universal digital space exists for fans to interact with each other and the club. Key improvements include:

Empoli FC’s pioneering partnership with Blocksport highlights the transformative potential of a Web3 fan engagement platform. By leveraging innovative technologies such as fan apps and fan tokens, Empoli FC is setting new standards in the sports industry and paving the way for other clubs to follow.

More about Blocksport

Blocksport website: https://blocksport.io/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/12646978
X: https://twitter.com/blocksportdotio
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blocksportdotio


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