Digital Twins has the potential to revolutionise the sports industry in many ways

A conversation with the CEOs of Zetly and Transmira on revolutionising sport with digital twins.

Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with two pioneers in sports technology – Mr Mike Glijer, CEO of Zetly, and Mr Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira. Both will be leading an exciting journey through the world of Digital Twins in the upcoming YouTube series, Digital Fusion Masters: Sport Digital Twin series. Welcome gentlemen. Let’s dive right in.

Mike, first of all, could you share with our readers the inspiration behind the creation of Zetly.io? What led to the creation of this platform and what do you see it bringing to the sports industry?

Mike Glijer (Zetly CEO): Absolutely. Zetly.io was born out of the recognition that fan engagement needed a revolutionary shift in the digital age. We saw an opportunity to build a platform that harnesses the power of digital twins to enhance the connection between sports clubs and their fans. Zetly.io aims to create a space where the virtual and real worlds of sport seamlessly converge to deliver an unparalleled fan experience.

Robert, as CEO of Transmira and owner of the Omniscape Digital Twin technology, could you shed some light on the importance of Digital Twins in the sports landscape? How is it different and what prompted the collaboration with Zetly?

Robert Rice (Transmira CEO): Digital Twins are a game changer in the sports industry, enabling a comprehensive digital representation of physical spaces and entities. Omniscape’s Digital Twin technology is unique in its immersive capabilities, combining augmented reality and spatial computing. The collaboration with Zetly was a natural fit; together we saw the potential to revolutionise fan engagement by integrating Digital Twins into the sports experience.

Mike, the Digital Fusion Masters YouTube series sounds fascinating. Can you give us an insight into what viewers can expect from the series? What motivated the decision to explore the Digital Twin concept in a series format?

Mike Glijer (Zetly CEO): The Digital Fusion Masters series is a deep dive into the transformative world of Digital Twins. Viewers can expect insights from industry experts, engaging discussions and practical examples of how Digital Twins can reshape the sports landscape. We have chosen a series format to provide a comprehensive understanding, episode by episode, of the immense potential that Digital Twins holds for sports clubs and their fans.

Robert, could you tell us more about the choice of special guests for each episode? What expertise will these guests bring to the table and how will they contribute to the overall narrative of the series?

Robert Rice (Transmira CEO): Our choice of special guests is strategic. Each episode will feature eminent figures from the world of marketing, management, data and the innovative realm of web3 technologies. These guests bring different perspectives and expertise, contributing to a holistic understanding of how Digital Twins can transform different facets of the sports industry.

Mike, in terms of the series itself, could you give us an insight into the specific tasks and challenges that will be explored in each episode? How will these tasks contribute to the overarching theme of digital twins in sport?

Mike Glijer (Zetly CEO): Absolutely. In each episode, we’ll delve into specific tasks that form the backbone of Digital Twins in sports. From the technical intricacies explored in “Building Your Digital Twin” to the business models and monetisation strategies dissected in “Business Models and Monetisation Strategies”, viewers can expect a comprehensive exploration of the entire Digital Twin ecosystem. Each assignment helps to paint a complete picture of how Digital Twins can be used to revolutionise the sports industry.

Robert, from a technological point of view, what challenges and breakthroughs can we expect from the Digital Fusion Masters series?

Robert Rice (Transmira CEO): Technologically, viewers can expect to witness the intricate process of creating a digital twin, understanding the role of data, sensors, AI and more. The series will showcase real-world examples and discuss the challenges and considerations in implementing Digital Twins. It’s a journey through the technological landscape that will demystify Digital Twins and highlight their immense potential.

What do you both think is the most exciting aspect of the Digital Fusion Masters series and how do you hope it will impact the sports industry in the future?

Mike Glijer (Zetly CEO): The most exciting aspect is the potential for transformational change. We want to inspire a shift in how sports clubs and fans perceive and engage with each other. Zetly.io and Digital Fusion Masters have the power to redefine the sports industry by creating immersive, engaging experiences that go beyond traditional boundaries.

Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira: The impact lies in fostering a deeper connection between sports clubs and their fans. The Digital Fusion Masters will educate, inspire and catalyse change. By understanding the power of digital

How did you & Robert come up with the idea for this podcast series?

The idea to organise such a series came up during the World Football Summit, where our companies received significant exposure as conference partners. Both Robert and I took part in a panel discussion on digital twin technology. The topic, as well as the technology itself, represents something completely new in the world of sport, in terms of the potential for a new dimension of fan engagement while generating revenue streams for clubs and venues. 

We continue to find a lack of understanding and have therefore concluded that there would be significant added value in recording a series of episodes in which we discuss all the aspects involved one after the other. In this way, we aim to provide the sports world, facility managers and club administrators with a clear and accessible understanding of the idea, the concept and all the benefits involve”.

When and where can we expect the first episode and how regular will they be?

We are currently in the process of preparing scripts and material to be discussed in each podcast episode. We plan to start recording in February and, barring any unforeseen obstacles, we expect to release an episode approximately every three weeks. All episodes will also be distributed through the partners of the entire series, namely the Johan Cruyff Institute, FBIN and on the BSV Blockchain platform. Discussions are currently underway with several organisations and we hope they will join us as media patrons. After each episode, we will publish an article describing the specific episode and provide broader educational content on Medium

What “special guests” have you lined up so far and what is special about them?

Whilst a significant proportion of the episodes will be hosted and recorded by Robert and myself, we are looking to bring in some special guests who will hopefully share their knowledge and insights on Digital Twins in the context of sport, with a particular focus on sports arenas.

We have already received preliminary confirmations from a number of guests who are actively involved in the day-to-day running of major sports clubs, or who teach in the fields of sports management and sports marketing. These special guests will bring a wealth of practical experience and expertise to our discussions. Their perspectives will provide our audience with valuable insights into the practical applications and benefits of Digital Twins in the sports arena.

Can you give examples of how Digital Twin technology has already made an impact in sports or related industries?

Digital twins have already demonstrated their impact in various sports. In football, for example, teams are using Digital Twins to analyse player movements, optimise training programmes and simulate match scenarios. In motorsport, Digital Twins are helping to design and optimise the performance of cars. The technology also has applications in sports venue management, helping to improve the overall fan experience through personalised services and intelligent facilities.

How do you hope the podcast series will contribute to the wider conversation around digital twins and technology in sport?

Our podcast series aims to be a thought leader in the discourse around digital twins and technology in sport. We hope to educate our audience about the potential of Digital Twins, encourage discussion about best practices, and showcase real-world applications. By featuring experts, athletes and industry leaders, we aim to provide valuable insights that will shape the future of Digital Twins in sport and inspire further innovation in the field.

Aside from sports professionals, who do you think would find the podcast series most valuable and why?

While sports professionals will undoubtedly find the podcast valuable, we believe the content will resonate with a broader audience. Technology enthusiasts, business leaders and anyone interested in the intersection of innovation and sport will gain insight into how Digital Twins are shaping the future of athletics. The podcast aims to bridge the gap between technology and sport, making the content accessible and engaging to a diverse audience.

As the CEO of Zetly.io, how do you see Digital Twin technology fitting into your company’s broader vision and goals?

Digital Twin technology fits seamlessly into Zetly.io’s broader vision of using cutting-edge solutions to solve complex problems. Our goal is to be at the forefront of technological innovation in the sports industry. By incorporating Digital Twins into our offering, we aim to empower sports organisations with advanced analytics, actionable insights and immersive experiences. This aligns with our mission to improve athlete performance, increase fan engagement and contribute to the overall growth and success of the sports ecosystem.


The conversation with Mike Glijer and Robert Rice paints a compelling picture of how Digital Twins technology is poised to revolutionize the sports industry. Their collaboration through the “Digital Fusion Masters” series promises to be a valuable resource, offering insights, practical examples, and expert perspectives on this transformative technology.

The series delves into the potential of Digital Twins to reshape fan engagement, optimize sports venue management, and empower athletes through data-driven insights. By fostering a deeper understanding of this technology, the series aims to inspire innovation and shape the future of sports.


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