WAY Group joins the FBIN Business Network

Currently building the digital training facilities of the future, the German WAY Group joins forces with FBIN and becomes a member of the FBIN Business Network.

The entire WAY Group is an implementation partner for complex tasks in the areas of project management, training, digitalization, engineering and human resources for DAX corporations, large medium-sized companies and SMEs. It bundles a broad spectrum of know-how, creates synergies and thus becomes a competent partner for questions concerning the challenges of the modern economy up to the market entry for overseas companies in the European economic area.

Digital transformation in companies is a success factor. Therefore, WAY Digital Solutions within the WAY Group not only takes on the development of effective strategies for digital transformation, but also ensures the successful implementation and application of digital business models, processes and services. Their technological focus is on visualizations in 3D and 2D and the development of AR / VR and app applications. Proof of concept has been provided many times over with the development of a wide variety of digital solutions for well-known partners from the automotive sector, the public sector and numerous well-known companies.

With XRt³ the Way Group developed tactical training grounds in cyberspace that already attracted a lot of interest by German Bundesliga football clubs.

The XRt³ Tactics Metaverse is an extremely successful synthesis of the WAY Group’s strengths in the areas of training, engineering and digitalization. It arises from an extremely great enthusiasm of the Driving Forces in the company for soccer and the need of the market for the combination of KPI’s, video and data analysis for the creation of training situations, which can bring the training content for the first time “on the field” independently of the known static camera perspectives, previously fixed training locations and the devices used and, for example, with “What-If-Analysis” and KPI’s adapted in real time, can thus be conveyed to the modern young player more vividly, and through gamification also significantly more intensive and sustainable.

Markus Reichl, Manager Sales & Business Development at WAY: “We became members of the FBIN Business Network not least through recommendations from our network for the reason that here, as with us, sport and business come together. We are now looking for investment partners for the completion of our Tactic Metaverse with the goal of spinning off the project from WAY Digital Solutions and founding a NewCom, in order to quickly satisfy the already large number of interested parties for the finished product.”


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