UMPIRE: The One-Stop-Shop for Digital Needs in Sports Organisations

UMPIRE, a platform by FBIN Business Network member TISA, helps sports organisations to manage and deliver content strategically, build an engaged community, and enhance the fan experience. More about UMPIRE and cases with Ekstraklasa and Legia Warszawa.


TISA Group, a Swiss SaaS company, has a wealth of experience collaborating with three biggest world football federations and several well recognized sport brands. The company is dedicated to driving digital transformation in the sports industry. Its UMPIRE solution has been successfully adopted by major football organisations in Poland, such as the Ekstraklasa S.A (Poland’s top football league) and Legia Warszawa – Poland’s largest and most successful football club.


UMPIRE is TISA Group‘s proprietary web-based platform designed to enhance sports experiences for sports organisations and fans. Its modules include a content management system (CMS), user management system, Match Studio, and WWW/mobile frontend development.

UMPIRE is a one-stop-shop for all the digital needs within clubs, leagues, and federations. It offers add-ons, such as: external integrations, full customization, mobile app development, multi-sections, and extended support – thus enabling each organisation to achieve the highest level of digital maturity.

UMPIRE’s CMS and Match Studio modules are essential tools that help sports organisations manage and deliver content strategically, build an engaged community, and enhance the fan experience. The CMS allows content to be delivered across various channels, while Match Studio provides live commentary, polls, surveys, and media uploads, enhancing fan engagement during games.

With UMPIRE, sports organisations can design and improve communication with users, focus on relationships with them, and build an engaged community. Plus, the product is scalable, so you can start small and grow as your sports entity grows. The pricing for these modules starts at 60,000 EUR per year.


Sports clubs can benefit from using UMPIRE by improving their online matchday experience
and building fan engagement. UMPIRE allows clubs to create a Match Center with live
content in the form of match updates, photo and video content from their stadium or team
rosters, and player profiles.
UMPIRE’s support for desktop websites and mobile applications (in particular the latter)
enhances the fan experience of game-goers at the stadium, who more and more often
participate in “dual-screening”. UMPIRE can provide another level of delivering digital
content to the fans present at the match.


Legia Warszawa required a platform that would accommodate both football and non-football content, allowing its smart and easy management. Legia is mainly recognised as a football team, but also actively pursues other areas of sport, including tennis, golf, and basketball sections. Legia also runs a charity foundation, children’s activities, and more.

Legia uses UMPIRE’s flexible grids and modules to build and strengthen fan engagement by sharing football-related and lifestyle content, with the ability to conveniently create and modify new modules.

UMPIRE’s match studio provides live updates, player profiles, and fan interaction options. Business-oriented workshops were conducted to leverage UMPIRE’s power for digital communication strategies and monetization.

The implementation of UMPIRE as the new content management platform has allowed Legia to grow its community, deliver diverse content, and personalise the fan experience through its website and mobile app.

If you wish to learn more about Legia Warszawa and UMPIRE, visit their dedicated case study here.


UMPIRE, as a CMS, supports different video formats, ensuring the highest quality viewing
over a variety of devices. Leagues that wish to distribute their video content (such as highlights, interviews, and more) can benefit from implementing UMPIRE.

Apart from audio-visual content, UMPIRE can provide a variety of ways to introduce interactive content to the users. One example is quizzes. Ensuring security is crucial for contests, as valuable rewards can be won through participation. TISA has developed the entire framework for the quizzes, including randomised questions and answers, while also implementing measures to prevent fraud and cheating. Additionally, the quiz design incorporates a designated space for sponsors to promote their products or services.


Ekstraklasa S.A. is a joint-stock company responsible for the organisation of the top Polish football league. The implementation of a new website and mobile app connected with UMPIRE was part of the ongoing digital transformation of this organisation. Ekstraklasa S.A. aims to reach the highest level of digital maturity.

In order to enhance the digital experience for fans and reach the highest level of digital maturity, they implemented UMPIRE as their new content management system. This allowed them to create and manage top-quality content for their website and mobile app, facilitating a new fan engagement strategy.

The integration of UMPIRE with external data providers also allowed for the gathering of professional statistics, enhancing the overall fan experience to a previously unattainable level.

This digital transformation is part of Ekstraklasa S.A.’s ongoing efforts to improve their digital development and provide fans with a personalised and engaging digital experience. This is not the end of Ekstraklasa’s story. If you want to discover more information on this case study, you can find more in this link.


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