The new FBIN Magazine is now available

Issue 27 is now available as free digital download, on readly or as hardcopy edition.

Once again, we discovered interesting stories and personalities all around the globe for the new issue of the FBIN Magazine. For example, we had a detailed chat with Rob Friend about Pacific FC and the growth of football in Canada. We had a look at D.C. United and the biggest football club in Chile, Colo-Colo.

In Europe, we looked at the developments and projects of several clubs and leagues. We talked to Michael Weilguny, Managing Director of SV Darmstadt and Tomás Moya, Head of Communication of CF Intercity, the first publicly-traded football club in Spain.

You can download the new 56-page issue of the FBIN Magazine for free from our website if you are a FBIN Network member, hardcopy subscriber or are a registered user (and registration on our website is free).

The FBIN Magazine is available as free download for registered users.


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