StadiumADS takes your stadium marketing to the next level

With StadiumADS, sports clubs, associations and sports marketing agencies professionalize their stadium marketing. Thanks to the digital and very easy-to-use web platform, numerous stadium advertising spaces can be created in the design of potential partners and shared as a video in just a few minutes. Authentically animated, with fans wearing the right colors and singing your favorite chants – for a real stadium experience.

Authentic videos replace conventional presentations

Anyone who has ever wanted to win or extend a partner for their club knows the procedure: You open your PowerPoint presentation, create elaborate photo montages, remove outdated slides and add new ones. After consulting with colleagues from the sales or marketing team, you adapt the presentation. Once, twice, maybe even three times. Finally, the sales document is ready. Without any emotion and without an authentic stadium feeling. Above all, however, it has cost valuable working time. As is so often the case, the chances of a successful deal are 50:50 at best. Now all this is a thing of the past: StadiumADS saves time and resources. In addition, moving images are replacing the classic, static PDF files.

Try StadiumADS 1 month for free using this code: STADIUMADSFBIN

Gained in practice, for use in practice

The idea for this globally unique marketing tool was born back in 2017, when Lorenz Kirchschlager and his colleagues in the SK Rapid marketing department invested a lot of time in the processes described above. Driven by the idea of using innovative marketing materials to surprise partners and bring them even closer to the stadium experience, but also to save time and resources, StadiumADS was created in collaboration with the Viennese sports marketing agency MARKETU, whose team led by CEO Alfred Charamza also has many years of experience in the fields of sports architecture and 3D renderings. Gained in practice, for use in practice.

170 marketable advertising spaces, targeted subscription models
StadiumADS allows football clubs to choose between two stadium sizes. In addition, StadiumADS offers several advertising space mutations of the two stadiums to provide the user with a high degree of customization. A total of up to 170 advertising spaces can be designed and marketed – LED boards, 3D CamCarpets, stadium screens, soft boards, center circle banners and many more.

Whether amateur or professional club – all features are available to every club. Depending on the size of the club, you can choose between two subscriptions. There is also a separate subscription for sports marketing agencies. The monthly prices range from EUR 99 to EUR 990.

Try StadiumADS 1 month for free using this code: STADIUMADSFBIN


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