ReSpo.Vision joins the FBIN Business Network

The Polish DeepTech startup joins FBIN’s global network for companies to grow their international connections in the football business industry.

ReSpo.Vision uncovers hidden gems in the sports industry: 3D player data. They use AI (i.a. Computer Vision, Machine, and Deep Learning) to capture detailed 3D positional data of players and the ball in sporting events, using any single-camera video as the input.

ReSpo.Vision then turn this data into insights & visualizations that provide their clients (sports clubs, leagues, federations, or media & broadcasting companies) with an unmatched depth of knowledge and next-gen immersive entertainment in a scalable, and cost-effective way.

“Via our different content channels, we will show what ReSpo.Vision is capable of and how football organizations can benefit from working with them. We are providing ReSpo.Vision with a platform to present themselves and their cases to industry professionals globally,” says Thomas Maurer, Managing Director of FBIN.


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