Football clubs save even more time: StadiumADS launches 3D jersey marketing

Football clubs can now use the digital sports marketing platform StadiumADS to effectively market not only their advertising spaces in the stadium, but also those on the jersey. With just a few clicks, the advertising spaces can be designed as a 3D model in the design of potential partners and shared as a video.

60 kit combinations and up to 23 popular advertising spaces to choose from

The players stand in the line-up as 3D models in the home stadium and proudly present the logo of the potential partner on their shirts. The fans are dressed in club colors and sing fan chants – see all features. The future sponsorreceives these images as an authentically animated video with just a few clicks. StadiumADS users can choose from 10 shirt, 3 shorts and 2 sock styles, from which they can create 60 different kit combinations. Up to 23 advertising spaces can be marketed on each kit. StadiumADS can also create customized jerseys for clubs and associations on request.

Handball, Basketball and Ice Hockey to follow by May 2024

StadiumADS is currently available for Football and American Football. In May 2024, there will already be five sportsavailable: Handball, Basketball and Ice Hockey will gradually go live on the platform. As with Football and American Football, the indoor arenas for these three sports will also be available on StadiumADS with different capacities.

New features

The advertising spaces in the stadium (e.g. static boards, LED boards, LED powerpack, 3D cam carpets, stadium screens, soft boards, ball stele, center circle banner) and on the jerseys can already be marketed with StadiumADS. The media areas (press conference room, super flash zone, flash zone and mixed zone) will be followed by further new features by the summer.

Targeted subscription models

Depending on the size of the club or association, there is a choice of two plans (starting at EUR 99 per month). In addition, there is a separate subscription for sports marketing agencies for EUR 990 per month.


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