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DVTK joins FBIN Network as first Club from Hungary

The first-tier club from the city of Miskolc joins the FBIN Network as first Hungarian club.

DVTK is one of the biggest multisport-clubs in Hungary, with more than 3,000 athletes. The biggest and most popular sports is the football team, which is playing in the modern DVTK Stadium with usually more than 4,000 attendees per game. Even though the club is actually fighting against relegation, the mid-term goal is still the podium in the Hungarian first league which would mean qualify for European games.

The club from the city of Miskolc is the first Hungarian club to join the FBIN Network.

"To reach our goals, we want to develop all of our divisions. We created a new controlling system, and we work on the introduction of a new ERP system too. Our fans are the greatest in Hungary, and the atmosphere they create is unique in whole Europe. We want to lift their fan experience to a new level. We are working on our new mobile application and we are also working on a new fan club. With joining the FBIN community, we want to learn about the best practices from other stakeholders, and on the other hand, we would like to share our knowledge, too," Gábor Juhász, Controller at DVTK said.

"We are happy to welcome DVTK as the first Hungarian club in the FBIN Network and look forward to supporting the club to take the next steps in their off-the-pitch development," Thomas Maurer, founder of FBIN says.

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