CrowdTransfer joins forces with FBIN

The Swiss startup CrowdTransfer is the latest organization to join the FBIN Business Network.

CrowdTransfer provides a platform where fans can support their club by co-financing football players and earning financial rewards based on player performance. 

Fan engagement is incentivized through social perks for the backers, such as VIP tickets and meetings with players, and the club receives additional budget for transfers. 

The business model is coordinated with FIFA and legally secured by EY and meets all financial regulatory requirements.

Roger Grossenbacher, Co-Founder & CFO of CrowdTransfer: “We are delighted to present the concept of CrowdTransfer at the FBIN Business Network and to show football clubs the potential of fan financing and fan engagement. We want to illustrate the opportunities CrowdTransfer can bring to football clubs.”

“CrowdTransfer offers and exciting new way to engage football fans while creating an additional way for clubs to fund player transfers. We at FBIN are delighted to support this innovative organization as it enters the European football market”, says Thomas Maurer, Managing Director at FBIN.


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