The new Sport Marketing Scan is here

We have partnered with 2:Score to develop a self-service sport marketing scan based on a comprehensive survey. Available now and free to access.

The Sport Marketing Scan covers six key topics for marketing growth in sports: strategy, culture, brand, product & services, data and growth – and where your organisation currently stands and where it has the most potential to grow.

The survey consists of approximately 40 questions and takes 20 minutes to complete. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the organisation’s marketing status using its own classification system (traditional – explorer – expert – leader) and recommendations.

“The Sport Marketing Scan is a great starting point for further developing your organisation. It helps to identify areas to which budgets should be allocated and is an effective self-assessment tool to get a comprehensive overview of the maturity of different areas of the organisation,” says Thomas Maurer, Managing Director of FBIN.

What are the next steps after concluding the Sport Marketing Scan?

FBIN and 2:Score can help you to define the areas of your organisations where it makes maximum sense to start a development project.

Together we create a development strategy, start implementing it and help you to manage the project(s). We help you to set new goals and to reach them.


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