Keynote | Club Management guidance and industry analysis: what to do tomorrow and in 3 years?

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Clubs are constantly aiming to develop on and off the pitch. For club executives, it is crucial to understand the importance of defining and managing the business strategically long-term, as much as managing the short-term pressures and operations. Based on our experience working with club and league strategies, the keynote will provide some applicable and concrete key learnings while also taking into account the current challenges and industry analysis. Ultimately, answering the question what kind of club strategy is required to bring better on pitch results, increase commercial revenue and bring the supporters “closer” to the Club.

This is a keynote by Olivier Jarosz (Board member, LTT Sports) given at the Football Business Meetup Budapest in May 2022.

Topics included
  • Strategy
  • Club Development
  • Club Management

3 June 2022

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