E35: Why Eintracht Frankfurt started its own software company – with Timm Jäger (EintrachtTech)


In this episode, we sit down with Timm Jäger, CEO of EintrachtTech, to explore why Eintracht Frankfurt started its own software company. Check out some key takeaways from our podcast below.

We cover the key questions below:

  1. Why was EintrachtTech established, and what are its main missions and objectives?
  2. Why does the club want to have a separate software company?
  3. What are the key business pillars of  EintrachtTech? 
  4. What are the main challenges of digitalization you are facing in the football industry?
  5. Which digitization or technological trends do you believe will most impact the football industry?
  6. What best practices from other industries could football learn from, especially given Timm’s experience with BMW and BCG Consulting?

The summary with the key takeaways of this episode is available as text as well.

Topics included
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Stadium IOT
  • Esports
  • Strategy

April 2024

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