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Thanks to our international network, we identify the most talented and most suitable personnel for your organisation.

We focus entirely on the sports business and find professionals and executives in all areas for rights holders and companies in the sports business environment.



The Kick-off

We need to understand exactly who you are looking for and what skills and abilities the person must bring to the table. This is done in a detailed interview in which numerous questions need to be answered. At the end, we have a good picture of the person you are looking for and can get started.


The Search

Based on the above information, we start the search process. Potential candidates are placed on a list and approached by us. We are in regular contact with top talents and outstanding seniors, even without a specific assignment.


The Selection Process

The candidates undergo an initial check, we collect all relevant data for a decision and create a shortlist for you. Based on the anonymous data, you decide impartially which candidates you want to take to the next phase.


Hearing-Phase & Decision-making

You decide how much we are involved from here on. We can coordinate and accompany the entire hearing phase and support you in the final decision-making process, or you can take over from here. You decide how much support you need. We are there for you if you need assistance.

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