Ammer Group presents the FBIN Sustainability Meetup

Ammer Group teamed up with FBIN to become the Presenting Partner of the upcoming event in Wiltz, Luxembourg focusing on sustainability in football.

At the FBIN Sustainability Meetup, Ammer Group will showcase its Web3 payment ecosystem.

Football clubs and sports facilities are actively exploring new revenue streams and can benefit from Web3 technology. Its implementation can modernize ticketing and payment systems, enhance fan engagement, and open up new revenue opportunities.

Web3 technology can also promote sustainability through blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized platforms, enabling football businesses to create revenue models. This has the potential to revolutionize the football industry, leading to a more sustainable future for the sport.

The Ammer ecosystem enables secure storage and management of digital assets, crypto payments online and in-store at PoS, and customized solutions for loyalty programs.

At the meetup, all the participants will have opportunity to experience hands-on the Web3 technology, including payment system and tokenization.

“We believe in promoting financial inclusion and enabling seamless access to the web3 economy. We see immense potential in using blockchain technology to revolutionize the football and sports industry. By implementing modern ticketing and payment systems, we can enhance fan engagement and open doors to new streams of revenue,” says Victor Ammer, CEO and Founder of the Ammer Group.

Victor Ammer, CEO and Founder of the Ammer Group, will present their ecosystem in a presentation at the meetup and the Ammer Group will also provide all attendees of the event with a preloaded payment card to be used at the stadium of FC Wiltz.

About Ammer Group:

Ammer is a Web3 payment ecosystem that allows you to securely store and manage your digital assets, make and receive crypto payments online, in Telegram and in-store at PoS, and quickly create custom tokens for loyalty programs.

Ammer Wallet supports a wide range of protocols (Ethereum, Polygon, Waves, Celo, BSC, Velas and others) and assets (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ton, etc.), including Ammer Chain. Connected to the Telegram account, Ammer Wallet allows users to share digital assets directly with contacts.


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