TicketCo becomes a Member of the FBIN Business Network

TicketCo is joining the FBIN Business Network with their brand TicketingPodcast. As a member, TicketCo gains access to FBIN’s global network of industry professionals, collaboration with football clubs and rights holders, and new growth opportunities.

TicketingPodcast.com gathers top industry experts with stories and insights to share. Explore who the experts are, well-guarded industry secrets, and how they entered the field. Beyond that, TicketingPodcast.com delves into a broader ticketing realm, inviting experts from various fields to share their insights. The primary goal is simply to highlight and add value to the unsung heroes of the industry.

TicketingPodcast.com is powered and sponsored by TicketCo and hosted by TicketCo’s CEO Carl-Erik M. Moberg. Since its inception in 2012, TicketCo has supported over 150,000 events, registered 4,500 organisers, and sold 35 million items, establishing itself as a rock-solid, market-standard ticketing platform tailored to the sports industry. Operating across the UK, Ireland, Norway, and Sweden, TicketCo is poised to become the next market leader in Europe within its segment.

Live podcast in Prague

TicketingPodcast.com Live Special: At the Football Business Summit Prague, Kjetil Sørtun, CTO of TicketCo, will be interviewed live on stage by Carl-Erik M. Moberg, CEO and host of TicketingPodcast.com. They will discuss Massiv, a collaborative innovation project funded by TicketCo and co-funded by the Norwegian government through Innovation Norway, aimed at automating ticketing tasks to enhance event management and boost ticket sales. Kjetil, who joined TicketCo in early 2022, previously led the creation of Bulder Bank, one of Europe’s first fully digital banks, at Sparebanken Vest.

Tom Rasmussen, Head of Communication at TicketCo, and Producer of TicketingPodcast.com: “With their strong position within the football industry, FBIN is the ideal partner for TicketingPodcast.com to increase our awareness and position across the non-sports parts of the industry even further.”

Thomas Maurer, Managing Director of FBIN: “TicketCo was already present at our last FBIN Conference in Vienna with a live version of the TicketingPodcast. I am delighted that TicketCo will now also be part of the FBIN Business Network and, as a partner of the Football Business Summit, will also bring the TicketingPodcast to the stage in Prague. A perfect start for a great collaboration!”


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