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The Fan Experience Company becomes a Knowledge Partner of FBIN

The England-based company supports FBIN and especially the members of the FBIN Network in all fan experience-related topics.

The Fan Experience Company is the fourth company becoming a Knowledge Partner of FBIN, after SportsCloud International, Ganassa and brand expert Bernd Schusky.

The Fan Experience Company and FBIN already teamed up on several occasions in the past to deliver high-quality insights at online and on-site events. This approach to support the football business industry by sharing insights, knowledge and best cases will be maintained and expanded even further.

Additionally, Director Mark Bradley and his team will support the members of the FBIN Network with their unrivalled know-how when it comes to fan experience topics, proven through successful work for the EFL, UEFA, The (English) FA, the SPFL, The Eredivisie, The Danish Superliga and several more leagues at every level of the game, in both men's and women's football.

“FBIN is a perfect partner for the Fan Experience Company. By bringing together a network of clubs, businesses and individuals engaged in the sport, they are perfectly placed to help football navigate the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic into calmer waters ahead.  With two of Europe's brightest young football business talents at the helm, clubs of any size across Europe can look forward to access to high value learning, exactly at the time when circumstances mean that they need it most,” Mark Bradley said.

“The Covid-19 pandemic changed a lot, also in football. This partnership enables our members to benefit from the years of expertise of Mark Bradley and his team. Right now, a lot of energy needs to go into the topic of fan experience so that fans can return to the stadium with a positive feeling as soon as possible. The experts at The Fan Experience Company are now available to help our members with any open questions they may have on this topic. Especially now but of course also in the future,” Thomas Maurer, founder and owner of FBIN said.

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