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FBIN announces formation of Advisory Board

A committee of five leading professionals will help FBIN to shape the future of the global football business industry.

FOOTBALL BUSINESS INSIDE (FBIN), a platform for the global football business industry, today announced the formation of its inaugural Advisory Board consisting of five international leaders. The Advisory Board will guide and advise FBIN in taking the next steps, developing the offers, and improving the services. Furthermore, the Advisory Board will discuss current topics and trends, provide general market feedback, and give vital perspectives to further establish the FBIN Network and FBIN Personal as the leading global networks in football business for organisations and individuals.

The founding five members of the FBIN Advisory Board are:
Mark Bradley
, Director of the Fan Experience Company
Christoph Glasner, Former Head of Marketing of FC Red Bull Salzburg
Ilja Kaenzig, Managing Director of VfL Bochum 1848
Mateusz Lentowczyk, CEO of TISA Group
Cesare Polenghi, CEO of Ganassa

“To meet our high ambitions and reach our goals with FBIN, we decided to form an Advisory Board. We are happy to announce that five industry leaders from Europe and Asia have joined the board as initial members. Together with their advice we are ready to take the next steps in the evolution of FBIN. I am very happy to welcome Mark Bradley, Christoph Glasner, Ilja Kaenzig, Mateusz Lentowczyk and Cesare Polenghi as members of the FBIN family,” said Thomas Maurer, Founder of FBIN.


Mark Bradley, Director of the Fan Experience Company

Mark Bradley is one of the most renowned experts in football when it comes to fan experience. With his “The Fan Experience Company” he worked and works for clients like the English FA, UEFA, LaLiga, AFC Sunderland and many more clubs, leagues, and associations in the world.

“I am delighted to be joining the Advisory Board of FBIN. With FBIN, Thomas & Jonas have created a 'best practice' eco-system for football,” said Mark Bradley. “The pandemic has laid bare some of the sport's biggest challenges, including the reliance on match day revenue at a time when new generations of supporters prefer to consume digitally. So, by helping to shape FBIN's policy over the coming years, together we can pool our experience, share valuable insights, develop practical resources, and support the 'beautiful game' at its time of greatest need."


Christoph Glasner, Former Head of Marketing of FC Red Bull Salzburg

For ten years, Christoph Glasner worked at FC Red Bull Salzburg, shaping the club’s external image as Head of Marketing & Media for more than 4.5 years. While having a sabbatical, Glasner will support FBIN with his vast practical knowledge from working at one of the biggest medium-sized football clubs in the world.

“I followed Thomas Maurer and FBIN since the early days, attended one or the other congress and also worked with FBIN on a regular basis. So, it was only a logical consequence for me to try to make my expertise available in the newly founded Advisory Board.

FBIN has developed excellently in recent years, has addressed a wide audience from the start and is not limited to the DACH area. And this is probably where FBIN's greatest development potential lies, because especially small to medium-sized clubs and leagues can benefit and develop from this platform, the exchange of ideas, the workshops and masterclasses, the pool of potential cooperation partners and sponsors in a digitalised football world. I am excited to see where the journey is going and look forward to constructive cooperation,” said Christoph Glasner.


Ilja Kaenzig, Managing Director of VfL Bochum 1848

Ilja Kaenzig is an experienced executive in the football business industry. Before leading the German second tier club VfL Bochum 1848 (currently first in the table) as Managing Director, he used to work as Chief Executive at BSC Young Boys and FC Sochaux and was also Member of the Board of the Swiss Football League.

“The exchange of knowledge, experiences and information is essential in a time when our business is becoming more and more complex. FBIN is a constantly growing, young network, to whose development I gladly want to contribute,” said Ilja Kaenzig.


Mateusz Lentowczyk, CEO of TISA Group

Mateusz Lentowczyk used to work at UEFA for more than five years before he founded TISA Group, which he currently leads as CEO.

“I see FBIN as one of the most "down to earth" knowledge platforms out there, discussing relevant matters, case studies and available solutions. It is the synergy of passion for sport and real-life experience that makes all the difference. I am certain it will become the expertise cornerstone of sport & entertainment business for years to come,” said Mateusz Lentowczyk.


Cesare Polenghi, CEO of Ganassa

Cesare Polenghi is founder and CEO of Ganassa, a digital media agency developing and operating media channels in Asia for some of the biggest brands in football, like the UEFA Champions League, LaLiga, Serie A, Juventus Turin, Real Betis, Borussia Dortmund and many more.

“As CEO of Ganassa, I am very happy and honoured to be part of the FBIN Advisory Board, and we renew our pledge to support all clubs, leagues and federations interested in exporting their football cultures and brands to East Asia,” said Cesare Polenghi.

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