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FBIN and the RBFA announce Cooperation on Knowledge Exchange

As part of this cooperation, the RBFA will host two masterclasses and have the opportunity to speak at FBIN events.

The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA), the governing body of football in Belgium and FOOTBALL BUSINESS INSIDE (FBIN) have signed a cooperation on knowledge exchange, the first of its kind for FBIN.

Within this collaboration, the staff members of the RBFA will be able to consult content (magazines, reports) produced by FBIN, be closely connected to the FBIN Network, and attend both online and offline FBIN events

At the same time, the members of the FBIN Network will have the opportunity to gain insights and learn more about the great work the RBFA is doing through masterclasses and speaking slots (TBC) at FBIN events. 

“This type of cooperation is a first for FBIN and again another step in the further development of the organisation,” said Thomas Maurer, founder of FBIN. “We are very happy to welcome the RBFA and are already looking forward to their masterclasses this and next year”. 

“Engaging in such a cooperation is a natural fit within our RBFA Knowledge Centre initiative,” said dr. Matteo Balliauw, coordinator of the RBFA Knowledge Centre. “We are looking forward to sharing our stories and learnings with FBIN members and getting to know them more.” 

In the upcoming weeks we will announce more details about the masterclass that the RBFA is organising this year. 

For more information on the RBFA, please visit:


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